When doing battle against the harshest winter storm, you need to know you can count on your equipment. That’s why Avalanche™ Snow pushers have been the first choice of discerning contractors for more than 30 years. Our team has extensive experience of real-world snow plowing so we know what it takes to get the job done. We also know that snow-removal is challenging work, it requires tough operators and rugged equipment. You won’t find a better built box plow than the Avalanche™. Our snow-removal tools also feature innovative designs that contribute to real efficiency gains on the ground. As a snow-removal professional you face a competitive environment and the worst that nature can throw at you. Every advantage in reliability and efficiency adds to your bottom line. Here are some of the reasons snow-removal professionals love Avalanche™ pushers –

Build Quality – Our designs were born out of real snow-removal experience in the face of Canada’s harshest winters. We know how critical it is that your box-plow holds up under test. Our original 200 series box plow was engineered with the aim of being a ‘bomb-proof’ workhorse that would stand up through the longest winter storms. Features such as solid-steel plate receivers, double-side bracing, and steel plate push channel protection, make this a formidable snow-pusher. The newer 400 and 500 series are built on the same rugged platform. Every Avalanche™ pusher is built from CSA44W; a high-strength, low-alloy steel.

Innovation – Avalanche™ was the first box-plow with a spring-loaded steel trip edge. It’s still the best steel trip edge system out there. Heavy-duty torsion springs give unparalleled scraping power against hard-packed snow. 400 and 500 series pushers feature floating wear shoes that combat uneven wear and extend the life of the shoe. They also help indicate when you’ve reached a curb. The 500 series also features floating receivers, to take the guesswork out of keeping consistent down-pressure, allowing ‘drop-and-go’ snow plowing. The top-end Contour model features a sectional moldboard that allows the cutting edge to contour to uneven ground, reducing the amount of snow left behind. This produces real savings in time and salt. In addition to box plows, the Avalanche™ line also includes hydraulic wing plows, electric salt spreaders and special application plows. Whatever your snow-removal project requires, Avalanche has a solution. Check the products page for details.

Like you, we believe that snow-removal is an emergency service. The safety of the public depends on you clearing snow and ice with speed and efficiency. We build our snow-pushers, hydraulic wing plows and spreaders with this fact in mind. Every piece of snow-removal equipment we build is designed to give years of dependable service. You have enough to worry about in snow-removal, you shouldn’t also have to worry that your equipment might fail. Put Avalanche™ box plows in your fleet and rest assured. They won’t let you down.

Avalanche™ – You never regret buying quality.