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Contour X Sectional Edge Pusher

Posted on September 01, 2017

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Contour X model.  This is our brand new snow pusher with a sectional cutting edge that contours to uneven ground.  Our new top-end box plow combines advanced features with rugged engineering, to give advanced performance while limiting

Tradeshow In The Mountains

Posted on August 16, 2017

We're very happy to be once again attending GRM's annual tradeshow in beautiful Kelowna B.C.  This year's show is set for Saturday August 19th.  Visitors to the show will be among the first in North America to see our new Contour X pusher up close. Details on the tradeshow and weekend act

20th Annual SIMA Show

Posted on June 12, 2017

The 20th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium is around the corner.  It runs from June 20th - 23rd in Montreal, Canada.  All details about the show can be found at www.sima.org. Come visit us at booth 617 where a brand new Avalanche model will be unveiled! Hope to see you there!

First Storm of the Year

Posted on December 21, 2016

   At work in the recent Toronto storms-this is our Loader 500 series pusher with quick coupler mount.  The 500 model has a floating receiver that allows the box to move up and down as the gradient of the ground changes.  This eliminates the need to adjust the loader arms on the

400 Series Trip Edge

Posted on December 16, 2016

These pushers are the 400 series skidsteer model with steel trip edge.  Our trip edge system uses heavy duty, horizontally mounted, torsion springs.  This gives a lot of attack for cutting through hard-packed snow, while still allowing the blade to trip back if you hit something solid. &nb

The Optimus Advantage

Posted on November 04, 2016

Another truck load of our Optimus pushers ready to be loaded today.   The Optimus is our top-end snow pusher with a sectional cutting edge.  Each 2ft blade section floats independently, allowing the whole cutting edge to contour to uneven ground.  Floating receivers and self-leveling

World's Biggest Dump Truck

Posted on October 12, 2016

Here's a link to a short video about the world's largest dump truck.  But can we put a snowpusher on it??? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/0/watch-the-worlds-largest-dump-truck-the-belaz-75710/?playlist=series%3Aextraordinary-engineering

Carbide Wear Shoes

Posted on September 02, 2016

Available now - Carbide insert wear shoes for all pusher sizes.   The gold strips in this engineering image are carbide inserts, two at the front and two at the back of each shoe.  The retail price is a little higher on these shoes but the wear life will be considerably extended.  Or

In the mountains

Posted on August 12, 2016

Here's a 10ft Optimus skidsteer model set up in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, ready for a tradeshow.  Thanks to the guys at GRM for putting on a great show and for their excellent hospitality.  The Optimus has a sectional cutting edge with 2ft blades that float up and down, allowing

Volvo Coupler

Posted on March 28, 2016

We built this snowpusher with Volvo 120 quick coupler plates.  It is one of our low-profile loader model box plows that is 44" tall (instead of the standard 52").  This is a great option for smaller wheel loaders.  This model has the patented, spring-loaded steel trip edge.  For

Batman Black Snow pusher

Posted on December 22, 2015

Perfect for plowing snow in Gotham City, or anywhere else.  This is one of several units built for our customer, Sarik Snow Removal, in Ohio.  Shown here is the LDAT400-30 model, which is 30ft wide and 52" tall.  This unit is equipped with our patented, torsion spring-loaded steel tri

Power Wing Plows in Boston

Posted on November 13, 2015

  Take a look at two of our Avalanche Power Wing Plows recently installed in the greater Boston area. The customer is Case Snow Management, the largest snow removal company in the north east, covering 7 states.   You're looking at model APW35-09 on a Cat 906 Compact loader and APW48-10 o

Optimus AG Tractor Euro Coupler

Posted on November 06, 2015

Take a look at our Optimus sectional pusher with euro coupler mount, being put to work on an Ag tractor.  The sectional cutting edge adjusts to uneven ground, greatly reducing left-behind snow.    

White Custom Paint Job

Posted on November 06, 2015

Here is our latest custom paint job - all white for a customer in Chicago.  This is our Steel trip edge Loader model with fusion coupler. Our steel trip edge system uses 7/8" or 3/4" torsion springs to give exceptional stiffness of attack.  When you need to cut through hard-packed snow on

Optimus 2.0

Posted on May 27, 2015

Introducing the new and improved Optimus version 2.0.  Every Optimus snow pusher from now on will feature heavy walled round tubes in the slider carriage.  These are stronger than the square tubes used previously.  In addition, the angle of the blades in relation to the ground has bee

Hydraulic Power Wing Plow

Posted on May 07, 2014

We are happy to announce today the release of the Avalanche hydraulic Power Wing Plow.  Available to fit ag tractors, loaders and skidsteers.  The plow angles left and right and the wings move through 180 degrees, all under touch button control from the 10 function joystick.  The Aval

30ft Pushers

Posted on November 13, 2013

The first of twelve, 30ft pushers going to Chicago Midway Airport.  Well done to the production team for filling this order at short notice.

500 Series

Posted on September 04, 2013

Available now - the all new 500 series pusher with floating receiver.  This feature allows the entire pusher to float up or down in response to uneven ground.  The operator no longer has to worry about maintaining the correct down-pressure, he can simply 'drop-and-go'.  Available for

Ohio Story

Posted on May 17, 2013

OHIO SNOW-REMOVAL FIRM CUTS SALT USAGE 28.3%When a large snow-removal company in Ohio started using abrand new type of box plow, the result was surprising: a 1.5hour reduction in plowing time per event and a 28.3% savingon salt use. In the winter of 2012-13, the largest snow-removal company in 


Posted on April 25, 2013

Come see us at the SIMA show, June 19-22 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Talk to the designers of the Optimus pusher and get information on a brand new plow. We will be at booth # 737.  

Retro Video

Posted on March 06, 2013

During spring cleaning we came across the original Avalanche video from 1999.  It definitely has a retro feel to it but it's still a great way to learn what made Avalanche the original and best box plow on the market.  Take a look:  

Milwaukee Airport

Posted on February 04, 2013

An Avalanche 400 series at work at the Milwaukee International Airport.  The self-leveling shoes on the 400 make life easier for the operator as he doesn't have to worry about keeping the box exactly level.Photographs courtesy of Pias Service Company.

Fusion Coupler

Posted on December 20, 2012

We finished this week our first pusher to fit the new CAT fusion coupler.  Other quick coupler options are available by request.Notice that we add a second C-channel through the back to give extra support and rigidity.  We do this because a quick coupler focuses the force of the machine on

Optimus Pusher

Posted on November 26, 2012

The brand new Optimus pusher is now available.  This could well qualify as the most advanced snow pusher on the market.  Each individual trip section adjusts in height in response to the gradient of the ground, ensuring that the blade is in constant contact with the plowing surface.

Lime Green Paint Job

Posted on November 26, 2012

We think the red and gray paint job on the Optimus looks great.  However, we don't mind doing a custom paint job when a customer asks for it.  Here's one that went out last week.