Under Trailer Wing Plow

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The perfect tool for clearing snow from underneath parked trailers.  The APW wing plow is being successfully used at several large distribution centers in the U.S.  The wing attaches to the box plow with 2 pins and can be disconnected in minutes when the not required, leaving the pusher to be used as normal.

  • 8ft wing, angled to give 6ft of reach
  • 30" tall
  • Mounting frame and hardware included 
  • Can be installed on any LDA or BHA model pusher
  • Standard abrasion resistant wear shoe.  
  • Attaches and detaches with two pins 
  • Multiple U.S. and Canadian patents in force or pending.

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Description Weight (LBS) Recommended machine (min)
Under trailer wing plow, 8' angled plow with hardware to attach to any LDA(T) or BHA(T) pusher. 8' width angled to give 6' of reach for scraping out under trailers etc. Detaches with two pins when not required.


Various applications

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